Carole Jabet

Scientific Director, FRQS - Fonds de Recherche Quebec Santé

Carole Jabet is Scientific Director of the Fonds de Recherche Québec Santé, where she works to support excellence in health research, recognized worldwide and which contributes to the well-being of the population.
During her career, she participated in the establishment of research funding programs and structuring projects and in the establishment of partnerships with high added value with private and public actors in the health sector. She actively contributes to the definition and implementation of initiatives facilitating the development and implementation of innovations in the health care network.
Carole Jabet is an engineer from the École Centrale de Lyon and a PhD in molecular biophysics from the École Centrale de Paris, a postdoctoral fellow in the Biophysics department of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She has held positions for technical and economic evaluation of innovations and for strategic management of scientific affairs (VP, Scientific Affairs – Génome Québec; partner at CapCOGITO; Deputy Director of Research at the Center Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal – CHUM).

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