The future of healthcare

By Zayna Khayat, strategist of the future for SE Health

An unprecedented amount of change is coming to our largely analog and institution-centered health systems in this era of digitization and democratization. Dr. Khayat, Future Strategist with SE Health, will explore how consumer pull, outdated/unsustainable business models, and emerging technologies are accelerating the shift towards the future of health(care).

How it all began

Effervescence is the brainchild of 15 partners who wanted to create a major event and unique experience for life science and health technology professionals.

Why attend

You’ll meet key players in the industry, create business relationships, find investment opportunities, and network with established and emerging project leads from the public and private sectors.

What to expect

Featuring a wide-ranging, inspiring program that tackles the conceivable and inconceivable, Effervescence is a chance for industry experts and researchers to discuss issues, propose solutions, and share their vision for the future.

Who will be there

Academic and corporate researchers, entrepreneurs, project managers, scientific directors, trailblazers, science communicators, and young scientists from across Quebec. Don’t miss it!

Program of 2020

Access to health data in Quebec: Take actions now!

Healthcare data and research data are increasingly organized in Quebec. Thanks to recent initiatives, several types of health data are now more easily accessible. How should we design a new strategy on health data access in Quebec to be competitive internationally? Exchanges between local and international leaders will help to better understand inspiring models and their applicability in Quebec.

Final round in the digital health and artificial intelligence competition

The finalists pitch their ideas on how to solve major health challenges using connected health solutions and artificial intelligence. Launched by the AI and digital technologies research group at a large pharmaceutical, the competition was open to research groups and small businesses.


Despite measuring only billionths of a meter, nanoparticles are a billion-dollar industry. All you ever wanted to know about nanomedicine (products, markets, technologies, regulations, etc.), plus five original and promising nanosolutions.

The patient: A partner since day one in life sciences

Patients are true life science ambassadors who aren’t afraid to speak up in the name of advancing health care. Their experiential knowledge is key for researchers to fully understand a disease. By sharing their experience, some patients get involved from the very beginning of a research project. Discover the story of one patient who is committed to making a difference.

Medicinal cannabis and prevention: Developing a responsible, evidence-based approach

Since the legalization of cannabis, scientific knowledge on recommended prevention practices in the medicinal cannabis sector has been growing rapidly. This panel focuses on Quebec’s positioning in terms of genomics research and on the opportunities and benefits of leveraging this cutting-edge technology to prevent adverse effects and promote better patient management. Stakeholders from the field of genomics research and the cannabis industry are invited to share their views on the future of this sector.

A new era: Transforming neurological research and care to change lives

Brain disorders remain the greatest unmet medical need. To speed up discovery, today’s brain researchers participate in large-scale collaborations, share data, publish results, and undertake knowledge translation activities. Modern research models allow patients and study participants to be more actively involved. They also enable health care providers and hospitals to put clinical innovations into practice more quickly and introduce medical discoveries on an accelerated timeline.

Breakthrough technologies in biomedical research

Technological breakthroughs often lead to major scientific advances. This session focuses on recent technological developments that have breakthrough potential, such as cryo-electron microscopy, synthetic biology, single-cell RNA-seq, and biophotonics. Invited speakers discuss how these technologies could contribute to biomedical research and eventually be applied in medicine.



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