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An international gathering of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, and young up-and-comers in life sciences and health technology—right here in Montreal.


The platform that propels innovative life science and health technology initiatives.


An unrivalled opportunity for professionals to make connections, start collaborations, and forge partnerships in North America’s life science and health technology hub.


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MARCH 2021

2021 THEMES 

Health data that changes the world!

Are citizens ready to share their health data to advance research knowledge? Do they distinguish between personal health information and aggregate data used in research? How to promote citizens acceptability? This session will present the progress of the thinking and innovative strategies adopted by other regions of the world to facilitate this access to health data and engage citizens. The panelists will react to the relevance and feasibility of these approaches in Quebec.


Nano is big. These particles of few billionths of meter cultivate billionnaire saies. The BigNano session reveals all you want to know regarding nanomedicines (products, markets, technologies, regulatory, etc.) and tells you 5 original and promising nanosolutions.

Emerging Disruptive Technologies in Life Sciences

Disruptive technologies are often the cornerstone of societies’ major improvements. Over the past decade, we have experienced a wealth of developments ranging from more accurate diagnostics to genome editing leading to new therapeutic approaches and AI predicting protein structure to new drugs. Such technologies allow innovators to deepen our understanding of biomedical complexities and accelerate discovery.

Cell Therapy: Establishing Québec as a Global Leader

Conversation with Women Entrepreneurs

The place of women in the workplace is a topic that affects all sectors. The statistics speak for themselves: the pay gap, more men than women in management positions, the dilemma between professional and personal life, etc. Fortunately, things are evolving fast and this is what we will discuss in this session with the participation of inspiring women who have been successful in the life sciences and health sector and who are recognized for their leadership and achievement. We will talk about their learning, their vision of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, the evolution of the place of women in large companies and the importance of women solidarity.

The Patient: A Partner Since Day One in Life Sciences

Patients are true life science ambassadors who aren’t afraid to speak up in the name of advancing health care. Their experiential knowledge is key for researchers to fully understand a disease. By sharing their experience, some patients get involved from the very beginning of a research project. Discover the story of one patient who is committed to making a difference.

Financing and Entrepreneurship: Do They Get Along With Gender, Number and Diversity?

We will approach the topic of corporate finance form the perspective of diversity or lack of diversity in the industry. Several topics will be discussed such as: unconscious biases, the place of women in the industry, access to financing and cultural diversity. We will explore the policies of various companies, plausible causes, the perspectives of the investor and the entrepreneur, the reactions of different groups to unconscious biases, etc.

A New Era: Transforming Neurological Research and Care to Change Lives

An aging population means that the number of people at risk of developing or dying of a neurological condition will rise sharply in the coming years. In an effort to accelerate discoveries and have an impact on health, researchers are taking part in large scale collaborative projects, exchanging data, publishing their findings in the open and engaging in knowledge translation initiatives. New research models allow patients and study subjects to participate more actively in research while giving health professionals and hospitals the opportunity to put clinical innovations into practice more quickly and speed the uptake of medical breakthroughs.

EFFERVESCENCE presents the themes of the 2021 virtual edition, on March 15-16-17, where a varied agenda will allow you to pick and choose your own schedule. 

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Altitude C won the award for the Best Conference at the Canadian Special Events Magazine’s Awards for Effervescence – The Future of Life Sciences. The event was judged for its programming, achievement of defined measurables execution, logistics, speaker management, use of technology and objectives.

Audacity, dedication and a desire to move away from the traditional have guided the Altitude C team in the realization of this major event.

We want to thank the collaborators and partners of the event for embarking on this adventure with us on this first milestone edition.


Come experience an event that recognizes and promotes industry innovations and the initiatives powered by EFFERVESCENCE – The future of life sciences. Thoughtful, inspiring, and life-changing ideas await!



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