Emerging Disruptive Technologies in Life Sciences

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Conference in English, presented by Concordia University, Mcgill University and Université de Montréal

Disruptive technologies are often the cornerstone of societies’ major improvements. Over the past decade, we have experienced a wealth of developments ranging from more accurate diagnostics to genome editing leading to new therapeutic approaches and AI predicting protein structure to new drugs. Such technologies allow innovators to deepen our understanding of biomedical complexities and accelerate discovery.

Join us for an exciting session with the esteemed panelists, Dr. David Junker (McGill University), Dr. Sophie Petropoulos (CRCHUM, UdeM), Dr. Dominique Trudel (CRCHUM, UdeM), and Dr. Vincent Martin (Concordia University), who will discuss their favorite life-science-driven technologies that have serious disruptive potential. Short presentations of the impact of these technologies in diverse fields will be followed by a live conversation amongst our panelists on next generation affinity-based proteomics, synthetic biology, single cell sequencing, and biophotonics. Although this segment will be held virtually, the audience will be able to engage in real time with our panelist and have a dedicated Q&A portion. We look forward to seeing you there!