David Juncker

Professor, Department Chair Department of Biomedical Engineering, McGill University

David Juncker, PhD, holds a Canada Research Chair in Bioengineering, and is a Professor and the Department Chair of Biomedical Engineering at McGill University. David’s research is founded on the belief that human ingenuity can greatly improve health and well-being. His lab is inventing and developing novel micro and nanobioengineering technologies for biomolecular analysis, disease diagnosis, and for building mini body-on-a-chip systems. Three start-ups spun-off from his lab, Sensoreal, Parallex Bioassays and nplex biosciences that he co-founded. He also became an advocate for rapid mass testing to swiftly crush the COVID-19 pandemic. David’s current interests are in the miniaturization and integration in biology and medicine, which includes
the engineering and utilization of novel micro and nanotechnologies for manipulating, stimulating and studying oligonucleotides, proteins, cells, and tissues. The emerging field of nanobiotechnology, in a broad sense, is the most exciting to David, and is also key to tackle some of the major challenges in biology and medicine, for example identifying novel biomarkers for early disease diagnosis and developing low-cost point-of-care diagnostics.

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