Ella Korets-Smith

Ella Korets-Smith, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Virica Biotech

Ms. Korets-Smith is an entrepreneur and biotechnology executive with extensive experience building and funding companies.  Ms. Korets-Smith is co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Virica Biotech, a hyper-growth company delivering on the promise of viral medicines.  Previously, as VP Business Development at Antibe Therapeutics, she closed deals valued at over $100M USD, driving multiple fundraising and liquidity events and at Nordion Inc. led successful marketing and business development programs resulting in annual sales of over $50M.  Ms. Korets-Smith is the founder of a consulting practise EKS Business Development, which provides business development expertise and network to start-up biotechnology companies.  She was also founding CEO of TOHealth!, an industry-led organization focused on growth and funding of the health sciences industry in Toronto, Canada.  Her extensive and growing network of business leaders extends her reach to customers and partners in all key global markets.  Ms. Korets-Smith has an MSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Dalhousie University.