Dominique Trudel

Associate clinical professor, dept of pathology and cell biology, faculty of medicine and researcher, CRCHUM

Dr. Trudel is a genitourinary and molecular pathologist at the CHUM. Besides her involvement in digital pathology, she is a clinical associate professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of Montreal, from the Department of pathology and cellular biology, and a regular researcher at the CHUM research center. Dr. Trudel is also the holder of a FRQ-S researcher-clinician Junior 2 salary award. Her research interests focus on prostate cancer, specifically intraductal carcinoma, an aggressive histological subtype of prostate cancer, as well as the different meso- and microscopic applications of Raman spectroscopy in the detection and characterization of cancer. Over the course of her career in research, she has supervised 55 students, of which 39 were graduate students. Dr. Trudel has published over 58 articles in peer reviewed journals, including Nature and Nature Genetics, and 6 as senior author.

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