Caroline Villeneuve

Patient Partner

Caroline is a former patient who suffered from idiopathic scoliosis as a teenager and was treated at Sainte-Justine Hospital. The treatment process included wearing a corset and culminated in surgery in 2010 to correct the spinal deviation. Since then, Caroline has had the opportunity to share her experiences as a former patient in many ways. As a personal project at high school, she wrote a “survival guide” for teenagers with scoliosis. In addition, she has maintained a partnership with the Sainte-Justine Foundation and Polytechnique MontrĂ©al and has participated in several projects and events promoting biomedical research. Today, more than ten years after her surgery, Caroline is completing her Master’s degree in speech-language pathology at the University of Ottawa. She is confident that her time as a patient has prepared her to be an even more empathetic and caring healthcare professional, an approach dear to her heart. She is proud to continue to share her experiential expertise as a future co-investigator and former patient of the Mi-Brace research project.

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