Deliver a Killer Pitch

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Workshop in English, presented by D3

Have you tried pitching your business, but clients, partners and investors can’t seem to understand what you do and how it directly impacts them?

Less than 1 out of every 200 pitches actually results in clients or funding. To win capital and customers, you need a proven formula and the right skills to pitch your life sciences startup.

Creating and presenting a great pitch isn’t ‘an art’ – it’s a simple science. Join “Deliver a Killer Pitch” Workshop helps you build confidence, get your message across and develop the mechanics and structure of a killer pitch. Once you perfect your narrative, you simply need to refine, practice and deliver!

Why should you attend? Apply the tactics and strategies outlined in this workshop to engage and persuade your audience – and you’ll have more funding, support, and customer buy-in than you ever thought possible.

The objectives of this workshop:
Deliver sharp, focused and effective killer pitches
Practice your pitch in front of the group and get feedback on content and delivery style
Build your confidence in pitching your startup

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