Be Self Aware & Ready to Expanse Your Full Potential

08:30 AM

Workshop by Groupe Lock

In sciences, as in other elitist and competitive environments, the selection of the best profiles is made on the basis of a well-supported CV highlighting education, experience and achievements.
And beyond these precise criteria, each talent is distinguished by its leadership. A leader joins or leaves an organization very often based on human factors.
What style of leader are you? How well do you really know yourself?
Self-knowledge is undoubtedly the ultimate tool for achieving one’s goals and carrying out one’s projects.
There are multiple aspects of ourselves to explore in order to maximize our talents, resources and mechanisms for success.
The NOVA Profile is an innovative tool based on William Marston’s DISC theory, Carl Jung’s work on behavioral preferences and the work of psychologist Edouard Spranger on value systems (motivations). Building on the NOVA profile and her career development oriented interviews with scientific leaders, Céline Chabée will offer you an interactive workshop to highlight your natural style, i.e. who you really are and not who you think you are (adapted style). You will thus have the opportunity to discover your personality traits, sources of motivation, talents, leadership style, preferences and areas for development.
A decisive first step in your career development and a beneficial success factor for researchers, managers and students seeking professional fulfilment.

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