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Hacking Health: 10 years of stimulating innovation, creativity and collaboration in health, from Montréal to the world

09:30 AM

Born in Montreal in 2012, the Hacking Health movement’s mission is to catalyze innovation and collaboration in the health sector. Over the course of its ten years, this unprecedented movement has taken the creativity of Montreal and Quebec around the world, to 53 cities, 21 countries on 5 continents.

The impacts are numerous. Beyond the 2500 projects and ideas piloted, the lives of thousands of people have been transformed. As a result of Hacking Health, legions of professionals, managers, patients and technologists have become agents of change in their organisations. From informal innovation ambassadors, to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, to leaders of health innovation offices, they are shaping the transformation of health institutions and systems here and in many countries. They encourage organisations and regions to work hand-in-hand with their stakeholders and help them transform themselves to continuously innovate.

Let’s come together to celebrate this demonstration of Montreal and Quebec know-how and determination to do things differently to improve this much needed sector.

This conference will feature testimonials from many leaders and participants in the Hacking Health movement, and will be a source of inspiration for those who want to make a difference at home, for the future of health.

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