Vincent Martin

Founder and Co-Director - Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia

Vincent Martin is the Founder and Co-Director of the Concordia Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Canada’s only research centre focused on synthetic biology, which is also home to The Genome Foundry, a unique Canada Foundation for Innovation-funded technology platform that aspires to accelerate the design-build-test cycle of biological engineering. Dr. Martin is a co-founder of Amyris Inc, a biotech company established for the purpose of commercializing the development of a yeast strain for the production of the anti-malarial artemisinin, which was the focus of his postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley. He is now leveraging his entrepreneurship experience as Scientific Director of the Life Science’s hub of Concordia’s District 3 Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Professor Martin’s current interests focus on cellular engineering for the production chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the next generation therapeutics. More recently his laboratory engineered opiate synthesis in yeast, a feat that was reported by over 400 media outlets worldwide. Prof Martin earned his BSc from McGill University, MSc from the University of Guelph and a PhD in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia. In 2014 he was elected as a member of the Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

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