Patrick Lagacé


Patrick Lagacé is a journalist. Born in Montreal in 1972, he grew up in Laval and started his professional career in Ottawa in the 90s. With a degree in communications from the University of Ottawa, he finds it rather comical that he was never asked for his degree, anywhere, ever, but he doesn’t regret those formative years of exposure to ideas and thinkers. On television, he asked questions as a host (Les Francs-tireurs, Deux hommes en or, Deuxième chance, Nos années 20). At La Presse, he tells stories and shares his views in his column, which generally appears three times a week. On the radio, he hosts the daily show “Le retour à la maison” on 98.5 FM. His reports and columns have covered cancer, love, money, technology, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, synergology, the world of television, all sorts of union and political shenanigans, and Quebec at the end of the world. He has often argued with ministers on television.

The rest of the time, Patrick tries to have a life, to be a good father, a good friend, a good guy, no alcohol, no tobacco.

Photo credit Robert Ferron