Michelle Scott

Full Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Functional Genomics - UdeS

Michelle obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Montreal and an MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary followed by several semesters of computer engineering courses before discovering Bioinformatics. Following this revelation, she undertook a PhD in Bioinformatics at McGill University under the co-supervision of Mike Hallett and David Thomas. Her topic of study was the prediction and analysis of cellular localization of proteins. She then joined Geoff Barton’s team at the University of Dundee in Scotland for her postdoctoral fellowship. Her research interests included the prediction of protein-protein interactions and protein localisation in the nucleolus, leading to the creation of the human protein-protein interaction predictor (PIPs) and the nucleolar localization sequence detector (NoD). During this time she was also introduced to the wonderful world of RNA (and particularly snoRNAs) by members of the Lamond group. Michelle is an associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the Universit√© de Sherbrooke and a member of the Riboclub.