Louis-Olivier Roy

Director of Business Development, Groupe Optel

Louis-Olivier is a leading expert in supply chain traceability, with a passion for transforming more sustainable and efficient supply chains. Through his experience at the Optel Group, he has expertise in the implementation of traceability and transparency strategies.

Louis-Olivier is a strong proponent of using advanced technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence to provide consumers and brands with unprecedented visibility into the impact of their purchases.

His vision is to equip all actors in the supply chain with the tools to make informed and responsible decisions, thus promoting sustainability and efficiency.

With considerable experience working with brands of all sizes, he has helped companies leverage traceability to drive responsible purchasing and increase operational efficiency. Louis-Olivier has applied his expertise on a global scale, in industries as diverse as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals.

Notably, Louis-Olivier has developed an in-depth understanding of international trade and global supply chains through many years of field experience, both in North America and Asia.