Louis Lochhead

Patient Coordinator, INESSS

As a Patient Partner at CEPPP (Center of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public), and Patient Coordinator at INESSS (Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux), I work to promote advancement of the patient partnership within the framework of evaluation projects carried out by the three directions of INESSS (Health, Medication and Social Services). My responsibilities include patient engagement planning, patient recruitment and coaching, as well as tailoring the training materials, tools and various guides used for patient engagement. Before joining CEPPP and INESSS, I was involved with the DCPP (Collaboration and patient partnership management) of the University of Montreal since 2012, acting as co-animator for CSS courses (Collaboration in health sciences) of the Faculty of Medicine. As for my academic and professional background, I obtained a B.A.A. (finance) from HEC and an MBA from JMSB at Concordia University, and I have always worked in finance, trust services and management.

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