Joseph Bahous

Investment director, MEDTEQ+

Over the past 3 year at MEDTEQ+, starting as analyst and transitioning to the role of Investment director currently managing a C$12.5M seed stage pan-Canadian fund of 23 HealthTech companies, I acquired a deep understanding of digital health investing in Canada. I have overseen more than 10 transactions across different health vertical encompassing the whole spectrum of the effervescent HealthTech sector : from regulated to unregulated, software to hardware, B2B to B2C. Our pipeline presently counts more than 70 companies, and we meet on average 2 companies per week. Moreover, throughout the various programs at MEDTEQ+ , that support companies via non-dilutive funding and coaching, I interact with companies at different maturity level : from pre-seed level to series A/B. This exposure has allowed me to truly understand the needs of numerous types of enterprises to reach value inflection milestones. Additionally, co-investing with many venture funds and angel groups across the country has given me valuable insight into their decision-making process and evaluation of opportunities.

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