Jane Somerville

Director, Programs, District 3, Concordia University

Jane Somerville is a passionate business professional with more than 25 years of experience working with Canadian entrepreneurs. She is currently Director, Programs at District 3 Innovation Centre, Concordia University’s Innovation Hub and Startup Incubator. She works daily with Montreal’s top deep-tech startup entrepreneurs and with the other key ecosystem players in Montreal and across Canada, contributing to Canada’s entrepreneurship machine.

Jane has worked in the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape her whole career. Jane was recruited to Concordia University from the Business Development Bank of Canada where she worked directly with small, medium and large companies across Canada, across all industry sectors, building and delivering innovative advisory services in strategic management, digital marketing and sales management, to help Canada’s entrepreneurs succeed. An entrepreneur herself, Jane founded and owned zoozfurniture.ca, an online directory of furniture and furniture stores in major Canadian cities, built to help independent furniture retailers showcase their products and help harried home decorators zero in on a particular piece by item, room, style or a store’s geographical location. Jane also worked in small business and in the banking industry. She has an MBA from McGill University.

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